Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Special Occasions

     Every day  deserves a little something special so that it's remembered and valued.  For me that can be anything from a great glass of iced tea with sugar and lemon or a warm chocolate chip cookie.   When my daughters were little we had many tea parties with real tea or Kool-aid or just water to break up a monotonous afternoon when no one could nap.
     Now my girls are mostly grown up and my boys aren't really into tea parties.  They would rather spend an afternoon playing a game and when I bake they're the eat and run (literally) type.   Our memories are made of different stuff these days ;)

             Lately, I have noticed that people don't always know how to make  those moments happen.  It seems that things are either over done or under done.  Parents and grandparents either shower gifts and attention on children or don't pay attention to them at all.  Husbands and wives are constantly connected through devices like cell phones and iPads or they don't talk at all.  Neighbors don't drop in on each other to say "Hi".  I am just as guilty of this as anyone.

     That's why I like sugar cubes.  They are so civilized.  They're tidy.  When someone stops in for coffee I can set a dish of sugar out and whether they use sugar in their coffee or not they feel special.  My grandfather likes to eat them right out of the dish.  And they're something that makes the moment memorable.  Unexpected.  Unique.  It really doesn't matter if the occasion is a huge event like a wedding or little tea parties with toddlers wearing grandma's high heeled shoes.

Here are some collections of handmade and vintage things that you won't forget: