Monday, October 22, 2012

Rice cooker oatmeal recipe

Mornings at my house are very busy.  I am up early making sugar cubes and my three children that are still in school leave the house at 7:30; so quick, healthy breakfasts are vital if I am to retain some sanity.  Recently I discovered an easy way to make oatmeal that is healthier than the packets of instant that are so convenient.  Plus, I don't have to stand over the stove stirring the pot to keep  it from burning. 
Add the correct amount of oatmeal, butter, water, salt and milk to the cooker according to the directions on your oatmeal container.  I used quick cooking oats.  If like steel cut or whole oats allow more time to cook.  If you don't add butter, add a teaspoon of oil or so to prevent foaming. 

Stir when the cooker switches to the "warm" mode.  There may be a tough layer at the bottom but once you've stirred it that will soften. 
Voila!  Yummy oatmeal while lunches are being packed.  My rice cooker makes 2-3 servings of oatmeal.  Larger cookers should make up to 6 servings.  That would be wonderful to serve guests on a winter holiday morning :)  Try my cinnamon spiced maple leaf sugar cubes or pumpkin spiced pumpkins on top 
Cinnamon Spiced Maple leaves , Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pumpkins with finely chopped apples, raisins or nuts.

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