Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate has been a tradition in my house.  Every winter when we get enough snow to go outside and build snowmen I make everyone hot chocolate in a saucepan on the stove.  I don't know if hot chocolate packets are expensive but they seem expensive to me because they aren't as good as the real stuff.
It is my humble opinion that everyone should know how to make a great cup of hot chocolate.  If you have cocoa and sugar you can make a very basic cup.   With a few spices and vanilla you can make something wonderful.  

Single Serving Hot Chocolate Recipe:

Step one: add 2 tbls sugar and 2 tbls cocoa to a microwave safe mug.  
Step 2:  add 1/8 cup (not much) BOILING hot water
Step 3:  Stir until the chocolate sugar mixture is smooth
Step 4:  Add about 1 cup milk *warm the milk first or you can microwave in step 5.  For cold chocolate milk stop here.
Step 5:  Pop the cup in the microwave and heat 1 minute 30 seconds

Now for the fun part!  
In step 1 add:
*crushed candy candy for peppermint hot chocolate
*a sprinkle of cinnamon
* a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spices
*orange rind and cinnamon
*a couple drops of cherry almond flavor
or after step 5
*a few drops of almond extract
or a few drops of vanilla

To Simplify things I've made some hot chocolate sugar cubes :)

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